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Distance Travelled: 122,770km
Distance Trained: 5126km
Continents Conquered: 6

Comrades Marathon, South Africa -
1st June, 2014


Antarctic Ice Marathon Continent No 5

Matt Dean System - Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Antarctic Ice Marathon was to be my greatest challenge to date, the enviroment in Antarctic is extreme at the best of times and completing a marathon in these conditions isnt easy. In speaking to previous competitors it was clear that training should involve lots of sand running and cold weather running. The sand running would be the closest terrain to the ice/snow I could find here in Melbourne and the cold weather training was more about trying my gear than anything else. read more

Waiting game in Punta Arenas

Matt Dean System - Sunday, November 18, 2012

Have arrived in the southern Chilean town of Punta Arenas which is the launch pad for Antarctica. Not alot to do here which is probably a good thing. 50 other crazy athletes have all come from all the world for different reasons to do this race.  read more

Antarctica (4 weeks to go!!!)

Matt Dean System - Tuesday, October 23, 2012
 Only 4 weeks to go before my biggest challenge to date the Antarctic Ice Marathon!!!! Training hasn't gone all to plan as a niggling calf injury has stopped me doing what I love which is running. But lots of cycling and swimming is helping keep up my fitness. The weather expected in Antarctica at this time of year is between -10 & -20 degrees, I hope I have all the right gear!!!!!! Still lots of training to do between now and the Ice Marathon!!!!!

Rio Marathon (Continent No 4) 8th July 2012

Matt Dean System - Monday, July 30, 2012

The Rio Marathon was to be my 4th continent of this journey and I was hopeful of running a fast time , maybe it was the excitment of running in the crazy city that attracted me to run this race as my Sth American leg. The days leading up to the race couldnt of been better, the weather was perfect, plenty to see and do and great company. My good friend Huddo was with me for the entire trip and was also planning to run his first offical "marathon" He is a very ecomplished triathlete who has recently completed Ironman Melbourne which is no easy task.  read more

Rio Marathon (3 weeks to go)

Matt Dean System - Thursday, June 14, 2012

Only 3 weeks to go before the Rio Marathon (Continent No 4) really pumped about this run, it will be my first opportunity to hopefully knock out a good time. After doing back to back New York & Athens marathons last year and the extremely difficult Great Wall Marathon in 2010 I'm hopeful of finishing around the 3.35 mark for this one. Rio Marathon is a coastal marathon, very scenic and flat.  read more